First of all, I’m sorry for the long hiatus. Things have been sort of hectic lately, with my parents visiting, and the looming threat of the formative tomorrow as well as SSIP deadline the day after.

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Wagamama’s, while delicious (albeit a bit stingy when it came to the soy sauce) was also very expensive! I spent about a week and a half’s food budget in one evening…

And for that I consumed prawn gyoza (or dumplings), a duck ramen soup (basically a noodle soup) and a passion fruit cheesecake. There may or may not have also been drinking of cocktails at the beginning of the evening (and by beginning, I mean 4 PM).

(Seriously, some people had a pitcher each because they were on offer. I admire their alcohol tolerance so much: I was tipsy and sleepy after one pina colada.)

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Sweet Charity

Friday was another busy day! I had two lectures in the morning, on action potentials and on pain and nociception (which apparently are two different things: one is subjective and the other physiological).

We then had an anatomy session, that wasn’t actually that long. One of our lecturer’s also walked us through the pro-sections, which was very helpful!

I do wish that could happen every single week…

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